✍️ How do I choose my Gynecomastia Surgeon?

These days many doctors advertise aggressively that they can operate on gynecomastia patients. With the advent of many corporate chains of clinics and super-aggressive marketing, the term gynecomastia surgeon is being widely misused.

Firstly there is no specific qualification to be called a gynecomastia surgeon and hence anyone can just get off the bed and call himself one!

Most plastic surgeons are trained to do gynecomastia with a certain degree of efficiency. A plastic surgeon studies gynecomastia and its surgical aspect as a part of his training during MCh or DNB and hence would be the ideal choice to get your gynecomastia operated on.

The ideal treatment for gynecomastia is Lipo-Excision which is a combination of Liposuction and Excision. In liposuction, the fat is evened out from the chest using various techniques which are taught to plastic surgeons as a part of their training curriculum. In excision, the excess breast tissue is removed. During excision, it’s very important to be able to assess the extent of tissue to be removed along with the preservation of its blood supply. Again, this is where plastic surgery training comes in.

Once you have understood that a plastic surgeon is ideal to treat your gynecomastia; the next step is to choose the right plastic surgeon. While making that decision look for the following factors:

  1. Check if he operates gynecomastia regularly
  2. For that, you can check the reviews, videos, and social media
  3. Ask what techniques they use for liposuction and their benefits
  4. Have a look at the facility where the surgery will be done in
  5. Check their academic publications
  6. Check the years of experience
  7. Check the experience of their anesthetist