Gynecomastia Surgery in Bangalore

Why Dr. Sreekar Harinatha is the right surgeon for gynecomastia surgery and why Contura Clinic is the best hospital for Gynecomastia Surgery in Bangalore?
gynecomastia surgery in bangalore
Best Gynaecomastia Surgeon in Bangalore

Why is Gynecomastia surgery in Bangalore so common?
  • Gynecomastia is an increasingly common problem among Indians
  • This is due to the increased occurrence, better awareness and also due to the availability of better treatment options than just excision(gland removal), which was followed until a few years ago
  • Now, the recommended treatment for any stage of gynecomastia is a combination of Liposuction and Excision, also known as Lipo-Excision.
With these techniques, can all grades of Gynecomastia can be treated like the before and after pictures above?
  • While liposuction deals with the removal of the fat so that the chest is better contoured aesthetically; excision deals with the removal of the excess breast tissue. When used in combination, Lipo-Excision consistently yields excellent and predictable results.
How is Gynecomastia graded?
  • Depending on the amount of breast tissue and the amount of loose skin on top of it, Gynecomastia is graded in three grades. They are Grades 1, 2A, 2B and 3 (Sometimes these are referred to as four grades, but technically they fit into these three grades).
  • Grade 1 is someone with a mild amount of breast tissue without any skin looseness. They sometimes just come with puffy nipples. Here are some examples.
  • Grade 2A is the presence of a moderate amount of breast tissue without loose skin. The size of the gland is bigger than in grade 1.
  • Grade 2B is where there is a moderate amount of breast tissue with some amount of extra skin.
  • Grade 3 is when there is a large amount of breast tissue with a lot of loose skin.

Dr. Sreekar Harinatha’s modified gynecomastia grading is now widely used and includes skin tone in the assessment of a patient. It is published in the prestigious Brazilian Journal of Plastic Surgery.

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Summary of Gynecomastia Surgery in Bangalore at the Best Gynecomastia Surgery Hospital in Bangalore

Procedure time: 60 mins

Admission: Daycare basis (9 am to 6 pm)

Stitch Removal: No (Absorbable stitches)

Leave from Work: A total of three days including the day of surgery, Follow-up consultation after two days of surgery. Gym, swimming, and workouts can be resumed after three weeks

Cost: Rs.55,000 plus 18% GST 9,900= 64.900 plus cost of the compression garment (around 2-3000): Total: Approximately 67-68,000


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