✍️ Psychological Aspects of Gynecomastia

While Gynecomastia is a purely and mostly non-hormonal issue, its psychological issues are varied and well documented. I recently read a few articles that highlighted this often neglected dimension of gynecomastia.

Ordaz DL and Thompson JK authored a comprehensive paper titled ‘Gynecomastia and psychological functioning: A review of the literature.’ It was published in Body Image journal in September 2015. They highlighted that gynecomastia can even lead to depression, anxiety, disordered eating, body dissatisfaction, and reduced self-esteem. Even in my practice at Contura Clinic in Bangalore, India, I have seen many patients coming with sometimes subtle depression due to their inability to wear proper fitting T shirts and inability to go bare chested while swimming etc. Many peers of these gynecomastia patients take this lightly and even make fun of ‘men with boobs’. This affects their psyche evne more and in many cases worend their self-esteem. Gynecomastia surgery in Bangalore is on the uptrend following realization by many that it has more than physical impact of them. (Article Link)

Another interesting study was conducted in Poland by Kasielska-Trojan A and Antoszewski B titled ‘Gynecomastia Surgery-Impact on Life Quality: A Prospective Case-Control Study’. It was published in Annals of plastic surgery in 2017. In this study, 50 patients who underwent surgery for gynecomastia were included in the analysis. The quality-of-life evaluation instrument was The Short Form-36 Health Survey Questionnaire. After analysis, they concluded that Gynecomastia surgery significantly improved men’s life quality in all aspects and especially in the social aspect and psychical health. This indicates that adult men with gynecomastia are a specific group of patients, in which surgery may result in life quality improvement even over the average scores. I have personally noticed that men who have long suffered from gynecomastia suddenly notice a perceptible change in their positive outlook. (Article Link)

There is enough scientific evidence that suggests that gynecomastia surgery improves the quality of life and the psychological profile of patients. This is another main reason why many get gynecomastia surgery done in Bangalore.